Dec. 20, 2021

YouTube = Sadface | Episode 053

YouTube = Sadface | Episode 053

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Originally recorded 12/20/21 - Bob and John discuss:

  • YouTube and alternatives to the evil Alphabet empire
  • NYPD lap dance from a rookie
  • UK Health Minister admits 1 death from Omi
  • Planes over WhiteHouse?
  • Congress/Senate violations on insider trading
  • Judge Joe Brown v Barry Sotoro
  • Grown man lives as 6 year old
  • Fucstang
  • John harps on about the same things over and over

This episode not broadcast on YT cos they don't like anything that uses facts and counters the only narrative they push. Video available on FB Boomer Bunker page and Twitter - on Twitch for a limited time as Twitch removes videos after a certain time.

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