Jan. 18, 2022

HOOFS UP! |Episode 058

HOOFS UP!  |Episode 058

Recorded Monday Jan 10th 2022 - John had a ground issue when he spoke on this one. We fixed it after.

Bob and John discuss:

  • AOC got the coof
  • How we remember things
  • Apple Tiles used for stalking
  • Mom puts covid positive kid in trunk
  • What is the NFL World Champion thing about?
  • Manning bro want an NFL team
  • Alligator poop
  • Defund the PoPo / Man shot for shooting into the air in his backyard
  • Adam Curry on Rogan
  • John and TikTok covid cures
  • John judges Bob
  • Oculus delivery
  • Nasa playing God
  • Elvira eats at the Y
  • The death trifecta is complete
  • Greg Geraldo / Bob Saget
  • Ted Cruz problems
  • John is wrong about Jan6 for 10 minutes
  • Cuomo is free to go
  • Pronoun Pin moron
  • We address a troll in the comments
  • Spam phone calls